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ビワイチバイク O-PORT-able


The bicycle can receive electric power assistance up to a speed of about 20 km/h. This is recommended for those who want to go for a ride but are concerned about their physical fitness, as they can easily go up long hills and into a headwind. You can also enjoy riding with a professional rider.

【E-bike】BESV JF1

Combining function and design, the E-bike is a cross bike model with an aluminum frame, SHIMANO Deore 10 speed and hydraulic disc brakes for a sporty ride. While equipped with a large-capacity battery, it is lightweight at 16.1 kilograms and has a range of over 100 kilometers.

Cross Bike

The easy-to-handle handlebar shape makes it ideal for beginners who want to experience a sport bike. The stable and easy ride makes it ideal for riding around town, such as visiting stores and tourist spots. Enjoy a comfortable ride that is different from a mom-and-pop bicycle.


This cross bike from popular brand Bianchi is easy to ride with 38mm tires and can be used for everything from city riding to long rides. With a stable ride, even first-time sports bike riders can enjoy cycling with ease.


Cross bikes are attractive for their light pedaling and nimble ride. The highly maneuverable parts make it easy for even beginners to ride a sports bike. Easy to use in a variety of situations, these bikes make you want to go anywhere.

Road Bike

For those who want to enjoy long rides and still want to ride a bike even when traveling. It is also recommended for those who want to challenge themselves with a road bike because a cross bike is not enough. We also recommend this bike for those who want to try a full-fledged ride on a road bike. Why don't you start riding around Lake Biwa with an exhilarating ride?


Entry-level model with aluminum body, full carbon fork, and 9-speed SORA transmission. The handlebar position is high, so even beginners can operate it comfortably.


The main frame is made of aluminum-badded tubing, and the front fork is a carbon fork that dampens road vibration. 10-speed Tiagra is equipped to handle everything from flat roads to climbs.


The lightweight triple-badded aluminum frame provides a responsive ride unique to aluminum. The carbon fork and tapered head tube provide vibration absorption and cornering stability for a true road bike.


A road bike from Japanese brand Rockbikes. Lightweight, sharp, and stylish aluminum frames are attractive. The carbon fork with excellent vibration absorption and the aluminum frame with its particular features allow you to enjoy a road-like riding experience.

Junior Bike

Although it is a sports bike for children, it is equipped with a gear shift and can reach speeds that rival those of adults. They are also equipped with brakes that work well with little effort and are professionally maintained for safety. Take your child on an unforgettable trip on a sports bike.

【Junior Bike】yotsuba ZERO

Lightweight aluminum frame that even children can easily handle. The chassis can handle high speeds, and the brakes work well with little effort, supporting sport bike-like riding.


We also offer a wide variety of other options such as folding bicycles and child carriers.

Folding Bicycle

Easy-to-ride 20-inch folding bicycle with 7-speed transmission. It is easy to carry and can be used for cycling around the city. It is a fun bike to think about the usage scenario.

Tandem Bicycle

This is a special type of bicycle that appeals to two people working together to ride. Even the visually impaired or those with weak legs and feet can enjoy cycling. It is recommended for families, couples, and friends who want to ride while talking to each other.

【With child】Burley HONEY BEE 

This stroller can be towed by bicycle, allowing you and your child to go for a bike ride. There is space for toys and drinks, making the ride fun and comfortable for your child.
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