Due to the Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival, Biwaichi Bike will be closed all day on August 8, 2024. Bird Cafe will be open as usual.


Otsu Mystical Experience
Cycling Tour


1 participant  31,000  JPyen~    Infants and under  Free   

1 participant 31,000 JPyen~

Fee Details

1 person 67,000円
2 persons 45,000円/1名
3 persons 38,000円/1名
4 persons 34,000円/1名
5 persons 31,000円/1名

※Infants and under : Free

Included in the fee

E-Bike Rental
Course Map
Original tour guidebook
Guided tours
Cable car one-way fare
Facility admission fee


For a group of 6 or more persons, a separate estimate will be provided. A separate fee of 2,200 yen will be charged for the use of a stroller that can be towed by bicycle.

About Clothing

The tour will take you on a 4 km trekking route leading to Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for walking on the mountain path.

Places to stop by

Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine


Hiyoshi Taisha is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in the world. The record of its founding is recorded in one of Japan's oldest historical books, "Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan)". It is the headquarters of 3,800 shrines throughout Japan. About 400 years ago, the shrine was burnt down by Oda Nobunaga, a military commander who wanted to rule Japan. The structure seen today is a reconstruction.

Fuyoen Honkan


Located in Sakamoto, an important traditional building preservation district at the foot of Mt. Hiei, this restaurant offers Hiei yuba, lake fish, and local vegetables. The garden with its pond and garden paths is a perfect place to enjoy the seasonal beauty of the garden.



Trekking along the path leading to Enryaku-ji Temple in the beautiful nature, feeling like an ascetic monk. We will walk along the "Honzaka Route," a typical trekking route on Mt.

Enryaku-ji Temple


Enryaku-ji Temple is the head temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism. Enryaku-ji was founded by the monk Saicho in the early Heian period (794-1185). During the Heian period, the temple was revered by the imperial family and nobles and became very powerful, but in the Warring States period, it was burnt down by Hosokawa Masamoto, a feudal lord of the Muromachi shogunate, and the main temple buildings were lost. The temple was later restored, but this time it was burnt down again because of his hostile actions toward Oda Nobunaga.


Biwaichi Bike (arrive at 8:30/ depart at 9:00)

Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine (visit Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine/60 min.)

Fuyoen Honkan (lunch/visit the garden/60min)

Trekking (trekking on Mt. Hiei/120min)

Enryaku-ji Temple (visit Todo and National Treasure Hall/60min.)

Biwaichi Bike (arrival/return at 17:00)


You can learn about Japanese history and culture in depth.

You will receive a special guidebook for the tour. It contains not only explanations of the spots we will stop by on the tour, but also information on Japanese history, culture, and customs to help you enjoy the tour even more.

No worries even if it is your first time in a new place

We have prepared a special course map for the tour. By following the map provided, you will be able to tour the sights smoothly without getting lost, even if it is your first time in a new place.


Departure point Biwaichi Bike
Travel Time 9 hours
Travel Conditions Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 15
Meals: None
Local guide: Accompanying
Fee 1 person:31,000yen~
Infants and under: Free

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